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Looking at a butterfly always brings joy to everyone, imagine watching 15000 butterflies of 50differentspecies jut fluttering around you? Your heart would be overjoyed with happiness. Let sougat tours welcome you to such an extra ordinary and magical place the Butterfly Park Dubai which is the world’s largest and UAE’s first Butterfly garden. Butterfly garden Dubai include a butterfly museum with handmade portraits and picture frames made of butterfly remains, ten climate controlled domes, a koi fish pond and an educational area to learn about these fascinating creatures. All along the 2600 s m par waiting to awe and mesmerize you. The butterfly garden amaze you throughout the year a visit to butterfly garden Dubai is not only a chance to explore and discover the butterflies but also a chance to earn about the life cycle of these wonder of nature as they transform from egg to pupa and emerge as a bountiful butterflies.


• Entry tickets to the butterfly Garden
• A chance to learn about Butterflies
• Round trip transfer to hotel/residence (if selected)

What to expect

Feel the inner child I you skip with joy as you walk in through the giant butterfly structure and gets ready to be amazed by the unique and magical experience of exploring 15000 butterflies of 50 different species. The first stop in your visit I the butterfly museum where you can see handmade photo frames and portraits made with butterflies. There are portraits of rulers of Dubai and amazing art wok using remain of butterflies from the garden. There you can aloe e a detailed chart of the type of butterflies housed at the garden. As you finish admiring the handmade art a tour guide will be waiting to give you a detailed instruction of the dos and don’ts after entering the butterfly zones.
As you enter the first zone be mesmerized by the different varieties of butterflies fluttering around you freely amid small waterfalls on ponds. Watch out of the ones who are resting as you can let them get on your hands and watch them closely.
At the butterfly park you will find friendly and polite staff dressed in cute outfit to help you pick up and explore the butterflies.
Visit the butterfly garden to get a chance to be mesmerized by different variety of butterflies and learn about their life cycle. There are also parrots and koi fish along with butterflies.

Important Information

• Round trip transfer from centrally located hotel/residence in Dubai(Deire, Bur Dubai, Sheikh Zayed , Marina)
• Kindly follow the direction provided
• Flower picking I prohibited
• Pets, toys and scooters or bikes are not allowed
• Outside food and beverages are not allowed
• The management has full authority to remove any visitor who pose any danger to the flowers or facility
• Any damages caused due to negligence of instruction provided will be the sole responsibility of the visitor and their companions
• Timing Monday- Friday 09:00am-09:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 09:00am-11:00pm


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