Dubai Mall Kidzania


Dubai Mall Kidzania is a place which make you want to be a kid again. Kidzania is an integrated learning experience where kids get exposed to a variety of career options through 100+ role playing activates. At Kidzania your kid will learn about new skill and careers through fun and interactive activities.
Kidzania Is modeled as a city in kid size with all the facilities a normal city would have like shops, offices, police station, hospital, fire department and many more facilities. Dubai Mall Kidzania I suitable for kid of age 4-14. The role playing activities range from cola bottling to a dentist office. Kids are also given Kidzania currencies “Kidzo’s” for completing task which can be stored at the Kidzania bank and used at the gift shop or for activities in Kidzania. Kidzania I a safe place where kid can be left free to be themselves. At Kidzania ids are given an electronic bracelet which allow the parents to track them easily.


• Entry ticket to Kidzania
• 80+ play activities for social development in kids
• Supervisor guidance
• Round trip transfer to hotel/residence (if selected)

What to expect

At Kidzania let your kids prepare for a better future through understanding how the world works by taking part in many activities and games created in a fun interactive way to let your kids learn about new skills and careers. Kidzania is small Kidzania city with all the facilities of real city. There is a theater, gadget shop, bus stop, police station, fir department hospital, restaurant and much more where kid can engage in any role to know about them. Here at Kidzania they can be doctor, racer, farmer, fireman or police man or anyone they choose to be. At McDonalds in Kidzania kid can make their own burgers with the help of staff, which would be an exceptional experience for them and you. Also get your kid explore their artistic side by doing paintings and drawings.
Visit Kidzania and let your ids know the satisfaction of providing a service and the thrill of earning their own income.

Important Information

• Adults are allowed on if they are with kids
• Parents/guardian can relax t parents lounge
• Outside food and beverage not allowed
• Children below the height of 125cm should have and adult accompany them always
• Timing Monday – Sunday 10:00AM-10:00PM
• Last entry at 09:00 PM


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