Dubai Parasailing – Single 15 Minutes


At a young age humans start to awe at birds and how they could fly and we can see kids trying to mimick the birds only to fail at it. Here at the adventurous city of Dubai there are so many opportunities for you to fly that you have to try out. And one such activity is parasailing in the Dubai beach. Parasailing is a fun exhilarating activity where you are strapped to a specially designed canopy that resembles a vibrant parachute and towed behind a speeding motor boat and as the motor boat speeds you go higher and higher. It actually looks like flying a kite but the feeling you get is like that of flying in the air above the ocean. It’s a fun exciting experience which will kick up your beach visit a notch. This is a perfect ride for those who are adventure seekers and loved to try new things.


• Experience the exhilarating parasailing experience for 15 min
• Safety gear
• Safety instructions
• Roundtrip transfer to hotel/residence(if selected)

What to expect

Try out parasailing to give an exhilarating twist to your Dubai vacation. Add the remarkable memory of oaring high above the ocean withy parasailing to your list of thing to do at Dubai. After getting you ticket confirmed and your life jacket strapped on get ready to take ride of your life time. Hop on the safe speed boat specially build for parasailing and ride into the sparkling ocean. Where your exciting flight will take place. When you reach a distance away from the shoe you will be seated in a safety harness which is hooked to the parasail yoke. As the speed boat speeds ahead and the air fill your parasail yoke you will start to rise and as the boat speeds you will also start to get higher and higher. You can reach a max height of at least 110 meter to 150 meter with parasailing. As your time end you will be pulled in. you can either choose for a dip in the ocean at the end of your flight for a fun way to end it or you could be pulled in completely dry it’s up to you. This is a fun exhilarating ride that leave you breathless and wanting for more.

Important Information

• Kindly carry a valid photo Id/passport with you
• If you opt for a dip in the ocean kindly bring your own swimwear and towel
• Visitor should weigh a min 50 kg and not more than 150 kg
• Children between the age of 10 – 18 should have an adult with them


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