Emirates Park Zoo



Emirates park zoo located at al Bhahyah Abu Dhabi is a wild life park with unique and exciting activities for people of all ages. At emirates park zoo get to know more than 1700 animals housed here and get a chance to interact with them. There are several endangered and rescued animals at the emirates park zoo. These animals are provided with a safe, clean and healthy homes and you get a chance to interact with them. Taking your kids to the emirates park zoo is the best way to help them interact with animals and learn about them and create a love for nature and all things in it. Emirates Zoo Park provides a unique opportunity for you to have breakfast with parrots and giraffes, brunch with wild cats and dinner with the elephants. There are many fun activities for you and your kids to do along with exploring with the animals at emirates Park zoo.


• Entry tickets to emirates park zoo
• Explore and discover 1700+ animals at the emirates park zoo
• Access to all the zones
• Round trip transfer to hotel/residence (if selected)

What to expect

Like the name suggests emirates park zoo is not just a zoo it’s also a park where you can explore 1700 animals and birds along with fun an adventurous activities to indulge in. after getting your tickets confirmed be welcome by cartoon statues of animals at the entrance. Walk in and discover 1700 + animals and birds who are housed in separate areas according to their habitats. There are tortoises whom you can feed grass to, majestic peacocks, world’s fastest bird ostriches, emu, notorious monkeys, and peaceful giraffes. Near the place where giraffes are housed there is a high balcony from where you can come eye to eye level with the giraffes. These are only some of the animals at emirates park zoo. Take the wildlife walk to explore all the animals housed at different zones like Giraffe Park, Flamingo Park, primate parade, petting zoo, animal paradise snake alley, reptile house and bird park. Along with their own unique animals and activities for you to explore and discover.

Important Information

• Kindly carry a valid photo ID/passport with you to be displayed at the entrance
• Feeding the animals are only allowed under staff supervision
• Follow covi-19 protocols
• Al hosn app is required for residents, tourists need RT PCR Report and vaccination certificate.
• RT PCR test report required taken within the last 96 hours
• Fully Vaccinated report required


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