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Discover the rich and varied history of UAE with a visit to the Etihad Museum. Book your Etihad Museum tickets with Sougat Tourism and explore this iconic museum in UAE that showcases the formation of UAE and its cultural, social, political, scientific, and military heritage. The Etihad Museum building, shaped like a manuscript with 7 pillars, symbolizes the 7 pens used by the founding fathers to sign the declaration of formation of UAE. Located in the same area where the first UAE flag was raised and the consultation of UAE was signed, this museum holds the old passport and personal belongings of the founding father of UAE. In addition, the museum complex includes the Union House, where the constitution of UAE was signed, and the Guest Palace, where the rulers met before signing the declaration. Don’t miss this chance to visit one of the most interesting museums in UAE and learn about the country’s past. Book your Etihad Museum tickets now


• Entry tickets to Etihad Museum
• Explore the rich heritage of UAE
• Round trip transfer to hotel/residence (if selected)

What to expect

Etihad Museum is the museum that collects preserves and display items that how the rich and varied history of UAE’s social, political, cultural, scientific and military history. That helps the visitor understand the rich and varied heritage of UAE. The museum complex also includes the union house and the guest palace. As you enter the museum you can see seven pullers. These seven pillars signify the seven pens that signed the declaration. There is a huge replica of the UAE constitution’s first two line in Arabic calligraphy in the ground floor. There are mainly 8 parts to the Etihad museum. At one you can view a short documentary about the formation of UAE. There are exhibits dedicated to the seven founding fathers of UAE along with interactive screens that helps us know more about them and their contributions to UAE along with the display of their personal belongings collected from the respective royal families.
Visit Etihad museum and get know how the UAE that we see today was formed and learn about the seven founding fathers of UAE.

Important Information

• Free entry for people of determination
• Guided tours at 11:00PM and 05:00PM
• Timing 10:00AM-08:00PM (everyday)
• Last entry at 07:00PM


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