Guided Inside Burj Al Arab Tour


Burj Al Arab tour is an experience like no other. This iconic tower, with its distinctive structure and secluded location, is one of the most sought-after destinations in the UAE. The interior of this magnificent tower is a true masterpiece, with luxurious amenities and intricate design details that will leave you in awe. To fully appreciate the beauty of this architectural wonder, it’s best to take a guided inside Burj Al Arab tour with experts who can provide insights on its past, present and future. At Sougat Tours, we offer the best guided tours to explore both the inside and outside of Burj Al Arab.

Burj Al Arab has been standing tall for over 23 years since its opening in 1999. It continues to mesmerize visitors with its unparalleled hospitality and stunning architecture. After being closed for some time, it is now open to the public for visiting from October 2022 onwards. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the ultimate luxury by including the guided inside Burj Al Arab tour in your Dubai visit. Book now with Sougat Tours and let our experts guide you to take in the full experience of this spectacular landmark.


• Entry tickets to Burj al Arab
• Guided inside Burj al Arab tour
• Round the trip transfer to hotel/residence (if selected)

What to expect

Although Burj al Arab was opened in 1999 it wasn’t until 2020 October that is was open for public to visit inside Burj al Arab. So make sure you visit to Dubai includes an inside tour of one of the most iconic tower in Dubai. As you enter the Burj al Arab be treated like royalty by the efficient staff amid the grand interior which makes you feel like royalty too. As you go up witness the magnificent world’s tallest atrium. Get up to the top aboard one of bur al Arab 18 swift elevator to explore the crown jewel of Burj al Arab it royal suite which Is 25000 dollar for a night. An elegant butler will be waiting in the royal suit for you to take you on the royal suite tour. As you move through the double storied royal suite the butler will explain the diff specialties of the royal suite like the 24 caret gold-plated ceiling, gold-plated TV and hand woven carpets from India among much more unique qualities of the royal suite. After you take in the spectacular and amazing royal suite move on to the architectures studio where you get to know about Burj al Arab from the starting sketch to the final structure. Another one of the Burj al Arabs highlight is its helipad. Unlike any other helipad some unique events have taken place a top the this helipad explore find out all about it from your guided inside Burj al Arab tour.

Important Information

• Kindly carry as valid photo id/passport to be displayed at the entrance
• Kindly arrive 30 min before scheduled time
• Kindly wear decent clothes.
• T-shirt, short, flip fop or tennis shoes won’t be allowed inside


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