Jet Ski 30 Minutes


Satiate the adventures side of you with a beach visit including Jet Ski experience from sougat tours. Enjoy the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf with the exhilarating het ski ride. The 60 min Jet Ski ride is a water activity which is suitable for beginners and professional alike. With our flexible booking options you can rent a jet ski and explore areas like sheikh island with its huge super yacht and also the majestic Dubai royal family beach front palaces along with views of Jumeirah beach residence and the iconic 7 star hotel Burj al Arab. We offer different packages of 60 min Jet Ski rides so you can choose the best one that suits you and enjoy the exhilarating experience at Dubai beach. Jet skiing is the bet enjoy the adventurous side of Dubai at Dubai beach. Get the much needed adrenaline rush with this exhilarating ride and take a break from the normal mundane routine.


Exhilarating jet ski ride 30 Minutes
• Life jacket and helmet
• Round trip transfer to hotel/residence(if selected)

What to expect

Jet skiing is the best way to make use of the calm waters and gentle waves at the Arabian Gulf. It’s the most thrilling and yet the safest way to ride in the ocean. I you are someone who loves to explore then rent our jet ski and set out into the ocean to explore places like the sheikh island and be amazed by the super yacht Moonlight 2 nicknamed the floating Greek island because of its majestic size and the Dubai royal families grand beach front palaces that looks like it out of a fairy tale. Make the most of this opportunity to explore the gentle wave and calm waters of the Arabian gulf with sougat tour state of the art easy to handle smooth jet ski whether you are a beginner or an expert our 60 min jet ski ide will provide you with all the facilities to experience the most exhilarating adventurous ride as you peed up with wind rushing and water spraying on an exhilarating ride along in the great outdoors.

Important Information

• Kindly carry original passport or emirate ID with you
• Kindly bring your own swimwear and towels
• Visitors must know how to swim or tread water


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