Jetcar 20 Minutes Ride


You must have heard of and might even have tried out Jet Skiing and jet pack riding. Well have you ever heard of jet cars? We are not talking about a scene out of a James bond movie. We are talking about a brand new fun ride at Dubai. Yes you can get a chance to ride the brand new corvette jet car in the Arabian Gulf this is the newest most trending fun activity in Dubai. Everything is unique when experienced in water. At Dubai you can fly in the ocean, eat in the ocean, take a nap if you want to and now you can derive a corvette in the ocean at Dubai. The corvette jet car holds two people. So make sure to take your friend or family on a corvette ride in the ocean to marvel at the majestic coastline of Dubai with its stunning crown jewels of iconic structures in the most stylish way possible at Dubai. This is must try fir someone who loves to do things when they are trending and new.


• Luxury jet car drive
• Enjoy the glamorous jet car ride for 20 min
• Photos and videos (extra charge apply)
• Life jacket
• round trip transfer to hotel/residence(if selected)

What to expect

Jet car modeled after super car will be unlike anything you have ever seen or experience. If you are a sports car enthusiast then you must try the new jet car. The jet cars are modeled after super cars of the road an can go up to the speed of 60 km to 80 km. after getting your booking confirmed and you life jackets on get ready to live out a scene from a James bond movie as you speed through the ocean on a sporty car. As the doors on the car are not functional you will have to jump in and take a seat. The jet car has a start ignition button, a steering wheel, a gear selector and a gas pedal. The instructor will show you how the jet car works and you can be on your way. Feel like a super star while riding a super car in the ocean. So take on the most thrilling and glamorous ride in the ocean along the luxurious coastline of Dubai in a sport car modeled jet car.

Important Information

• The driver should be more than 21 year old
• Children are allowed only with an adult who is 21+
• kindly carry your original ID/ passport with you


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