Jetpack Dubai


Where else to try out futuristic activities other than in the futuristic city of Dubai. Try out the most exhilarating and exciting 30 min jet pack riding which combine the thrill of skiing, parasailing, sky diving, and scuba diving into one exciting and thrilling ride. Book your jet pack experience with sougat tours to get the best out of your jet I experience with expert instructor to guide you and safety harness you don’t have to worry about anything and completely enjoy your experience. Even if you are trying jet pack for the fit time do not be worried as we have expert instructor on board who will help you learn the technique soon. As a matter of fact you should make use of our expert, professional instructors and try out and learn about jet pack basics from them. Live out your dream to fly with jet pack powered by two powerful water jet trapped on.


• 30 min jet pack ride
• Safety equipment
• Expert instruction
• Round the trip transfer to hotel/residence(if selected)

What to expect

How many time have you seen and admired as superheroes rise up and fly? Have you wished you could do it too/well here’s a chance for you to actually fly with water powered jet packs at Dubai. With the help of our expert professional instructor learn the basic techniques and fly confidently like the heroes in the movie and take home the experience of a life time. After strapping on your life jacket take the brief to the point safety instruction where you will be instructed about the position to hold and the what to do’s and what not to do’s. Get strapped on and get ready for a fun exhilarating ride above the ocean. The first 10 min your instructor will how and help you with the basics so that the next 20 min you can fly on your own and enjoy the thrilling experience by yourself. Obviously the instructor will be there the whole time to help you with anything and motivate you to do your best. Take the exhilarating and thrilling jet pack ide at the Dubai beach for a fun and exciting time at the beach.

Important Information

• Carrying women are not allowed
• Kindly bring your own swimwear and towels.
• Visitors must know how to swim or tread water
• Max weight allowed for this activity is 90Kg


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