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Louvre or Louvre museum is the world’s well known museum in Paris, France which has some of the best known works of art in the history of mankind like the Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo. Now you can visit Louvre here in UAE at Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. Louvre Abu Dhabi is the only Louvre outside of France which makes Abu Dhabi the only place where you can visit Louvre without going to France. Louvre Abu Dhabi is the largest art museum in the Arabian Peninsula show casing art work from across the world. Although inspired an in collaboration with the French museums the architecture of the Louvre Abu Dhabi is well integrated with Arabian architecture with a modern twist. The museum is not just a single building, but a collection of 55 buildings making it a museum city with a floating dome on top. Visit Louvre Abu Dhabi to marvel at the complex yet simple architecture and explore the world of art it holds within.


• Access to the Louvre Abu Dhabi
• Explore 600+ art woks
• Discover permanent an loaned exhibits
• Take in the complex yet simple architecture
• Round the trip transfer to hotel/residence( if selected)

What to expect

Explore the Louvre Abu Dhabi and get a chance to discover artworks from across the world here at Abu Dhabi. There are more 600 art work collections here at Louvre Abu Dhabi. Some of them are permanent exhibits at the museum and goes back to almost 3rd BC which will help you view how the life of humans was back then. The 55 individual buildings have in them 23 galleries and all the exhibits are divided into several sections. The Louvre Abu Dhabi strives to tell the story of the humans throughout time with shared experience in the form of artworks collected from across the world grouped together. It shows how similar we all are and yet how unique each one of us are. Explore all the 23 galleries with artworks from across the world permanent and loaned exhibits. Some of the artist featured at Louvre Abu Dhabi are Van Gogh Degas, Monet and Picasso among many others from all over the world and middle eastern’s own collection of artworks Is also included at Louvre Abu Dhabi. The central attraction of Louvre the floating dome is sure to make you feel at peace. The dome is made in such a complicated manner that although it looks complex the sunlight it filters through and gives you the feel of raining sunlight is a pristine feeling. The sunlight filtered through the dome is similar to that of the sunlight filtered through palm trees. Visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi and discover the story of mankind through the exhibits from across the world under the floating dome.

Important Information

• Child tickets are complimentary but need to be booked
• Free entry for senior citizens who are residents of UAE
• Wheelchair an stroller available
• Al hosn app is required for residents , tourists need RT PCR Report and vaccination certificate.
• Required 96 hours valid RT PCR test report (UAE-based lab )
• A Fully Vaccinated report required

• Timing Tuesday – Sunday 10:00AM-06:30PM
• Close on Monday
• Last entry at 05:30PM


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