Love Boat Dubai


Love boat ride by sougat tours Is an exhilarating experience along with the spectacular view of Dubai city from a different perspective starting from Dubai marina the manmade wonder cruise along iconic structures, skyscrapers and the stunning skyline of Dubai. Feel your heart beat faster and take in the refreshing sea breeze and have fun while being plashed with water all the while enjoying the unparalleled views of luxurious yachts, futuristic water front attractions and the Dubai skyline in a new light. Onboard the love boat ride get a chance to view the iconic 7 star hotel Burj al Arab, out of the world Atlantis, royal mirage hotel, the stunning sky towers and much more. The expert captain performs stunts and spins it will make this ride all the more thrilling and fun. The love boat can hold up to 10 passengers so make sure to bring your friends and family along for this exhilarating fun ride.


• Love boat ride (as per option selected)
• Safety gear
• Round trip transfer to hotel/residence(if elected)

What to expect

love boat ride is a fun, thrilling and safe ride you must try in Dubai beach. Get your tickets confirmed your life jackets strapped on before you hop on to the love boat for an exhilarating ride. Jump in and Get seated in the front of the boat. Feel the excitement build as the love boat pull out and start your ride. Along the love boat ride pass luxury yachts and traditional dhow cruising Along the water. With the front of the boat seating Feel the rush of ocean wind and refreshing water sprays as you speed Along the water. From the love boat ride the view of Dubai skyline is like that of watching an enchanted city From far away With its iconic structures like shining like crown jewels of Dubai. Feel your heart beat faster as the boats expert pilot spin and twist With expert precision. Time your love boat ride so as to view the city sparkling in the sunlight and glittering in the night sky.F4

Important Information

• Kindly carry a valid photo ID/passport with you
• Kindly arrive 20min before the scheduled time
• All passenger must wear life jacket
• Carrying women and visitor with heart problem and serious back pain are not recommended
• Timing 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Everyday)


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