Miracle Garden Dubai



Change your perspective about deserts as a barren and dry land with a visit to miracle garden.it truly is a miracle to see such vibrant, colorful and a wide variety of flowers and plants planted in an art full manner in the middle of a desert. Miracle garden spans over a whooping 72000sqm ground witch made miracle garden the worlds largest natural flower garden with over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants nurtured and protected in the middle of the desert. More than just exploring and discovering the variety of flower and plants miracle garden also gives the visitors a chance to witness Guinness world record holding flower structures and vertical gardens that serves a feast to your eyes. Take this opportunity to earn more about the native flowers and plants along with various flower and plant species from across the world in full bloom at the miracle garden.


• Entry tickets to the Miracle garden
• A chance to explore and discover over 50 million flower and 250 million plants
• Round trip transfer to hotel/residence(if elected)

What to expect

As you enter the through the grand flower archway of miracle garden be ready to be mesmerised by the vibrant and colorful flowers and plants in store for you. The miracle garden is laden with flower structures ranging from giant pots to structure in the shape of animals and bird. It is a magical sight to behold the sight of different colors in bull blossom. Passing through the heart shaped archway the iconic flower structure made of flowers and plants will awaken the romantic in you. Get on a fairytale ambience as you walk under the shade of trees whose branches entangle above top create a shaded pathway. The flower structure of an Emirates airplane is listed as the biggest flower structures in the world. Tae a selfie with the giant teddy bear flower structure and feel like a kid in awe of the teddy bear. There are many other attraction at the miracle garden like the elephant fountain, umbrella archway, ponds and much more where you can it and take in the beauty around you.do not forget to carry a camera with you as the Miracle Garden I one of the most unique places to get pictures taken to create awe inspiring memories.

Important Information

• Round trip transfer from centrally located hotel/residence in Dubai(Deire, Bur Dubai, Sheikh Zayed , Marina)
• Kindly follow the direction provided
• Flower picking I prohibited
• Pets, toys and scooters or bikes are not allowed
• Outside food and beverages are not allowed
• The management has full authority to remove any visitor who pose any danger to the flowers or facility
• Any damages caused due to negligence of instruction provided will be the sole responsibility of the visitor and their companions
• Timing Monday- Friday 09:00am-09:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 09:00am-11:00pm


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