Museum of the Future


Museum of the future at Dubai has become an iconic building with its exceptional architecture. It’s not just the building of the museum that’s unique. The museum of the future unlike any other museum doesn’t hold contemporary creativity or items of historic significance from different field are displayed and preserved. Museum of the future like its name suggests holds within its complex structure innovative futuristic, ideologies, services and products. The museum of the future shows us how the future would look like with its seven floors with its wide collections of futuristic technology and scientific advances. The museum of the future lets us discover how with experiments and innovative technology our life on earth can be better for humans and our ecosystem while preserving the earth in its full glory. Also get to take in the breath taking view of the torus shaped shell on top of the museum from within.


• Entry tickets to the Museum Of The Future
• Access to futuristic displays
• Round the trip transfer to hotel/ residence(if selected)

What to expect

Take a moment to appreciate the torus shaped shell on top of the museum with its Arabic calligraphy of three quotes from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s poem. One of the quotes are “we won’t live a hundred years, but we can create something that will last for a hundred years” let this quote soak in as you explore the Museum Of The Future. As you enter the Museum of the future from ground floor have a coffee made by a robot to set the mood for your futuristic experience. Take the elevator to the first level – Future Heroes where you can find the futuristic playground where there are futuristic facilities to develop our future heroes, our young generation. Next level is tomorrow today which displays the futuristic innovation we have today which include space travel, vehicles and robotic technology. Level 3 is Al-Waha which will help your mind and body relax and be in tune with yourself with the help of sensory stimulators. It a wish pool for you to make a wish for the future. Level 4 is the heal institute which includes The Garden a look into how a genetically modified amazon forest will look like, a Vault of life displaying 7000 species in glass jars arranged and lighted in a unique manner and an ecosystem stimulator which shows how a new species can bring changes to our eco system. Now take a space ship ride to the fifth floor to see the futuristic developments in space travel and the possibility of a life in space. After exploring the fifth floor take a drop pod to the ground floor and go to the balcony to take in the stunning view of the torus shaped shell on top of the museum from the viewing balcony.
Visit the Museum of the Future to get a chance to see what the future holds in store.

Important Information

• Timing 10:00AM-06:30PM
• Last entry at 05:30PM


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