Scuba Diving Tour


Scuba diving in Dubai is a unique experience where you get a chance to explore the world under water. A complete discovery of Dubai would be incomplete without exploring its underwater. So take this opportunity to swim among the aquatic life. Dubai is a land of diversity and embraces every opportunity to give its guests the whole world in Dubai. As Dubai is a seaport it has many area which are perfect or scuba diving where you can find a variety of aqua life too. Scuba diving is listed as one of the fastest growing extreme spots in the word. So what better place to try scuba diving than in Dubai where everything is made sure to be a 100 % safe and follow all the rule and regulations to the book to ensure your you enjoy the compete experience. Just like how flying fascinates us the underwater is also a pace that still holds many mysteries from us. So with scuba diving get a chance to explore the underwater world.


• PADI accredited course
• Detailed instruction
• 30 min dive
• Round the trip transfer to hotel/residence ( if selected)

What to expect

Get ready to know the unknown, to explore the unseen and be awed by the underwater aquatic life. Head over to PADI for a live, love dive experience. First you will have a 30 min training class where the instructor will teach you about the scuba gear you will be using, the proper breathing techniques and the hand signal you will be using underwater to communicate. After the class you will be taken to the destination from where you will be given your scuba diving gear and you can change into it. After the first 30 min you will practice with your instructor at the beach. The instructor will demonstrate what you were previously told in the class. And you will follow lead and practice. Only when the instructor thins you are ready can we begin the actual dive. When you go down for the dive the instructor will come along and take you to the ocean surface where there will be a variety of aqua life and you can take pictures with them and feed them too. These will be unforgettable memories for you for sure.

Important Information

• Kindly carry a valid photo ID / passport with you
• Diver between the age of 10- 17 is required to have a medical liability form signed by their parents
• Travel by flight for 18 hours after the dive is not recommended
• Timing 09:00AM-09:00PM ( everyday)


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