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Sharjah is one of the seven emirates of UAE and is known as the center for culture and industry. Sharjah is known as the cultural capital of UAE because of how it preserves and promotes cultural heritage. Sharjah museum of Islamic civilization is a perfect example of why it’s the cultural center of UAE. Sharjah museum of Islamic civilization is a museum which houses 5000 artifacts of Islamic civilization from across the world. Islamic civilization is one of the civilization that has had a huge impact on mankind. The value of education is what is stressed I Islamic teachings. Sharjah museum of Islamic civilization has within its 7 theme based galleries calligraphy, carvings, ceramic, coin, glass, manuscript, metal scientific instruments. Six of these galleries hold permanent exhibits. Islamic faith, a history of Islamic science are two of the galleries. Visit Sharjah museum of Islamic civilization to explore of its galleries and learn more about Islamic civilization.


• Entry tickets to Sharjah museum of Islamic civilization
• discover the Islamic civilization
• Round trip transfer to hotel/residence(if selected)

What to expect

The museum of Islamic civilization was built in 1987 inspired by London museum and integrating Islamic architecture along with it the architectural beauty of the museum is in itself worth the visit. After getting your tickets confirmed walk in and explore the museum with its 7 galleries. The museum has over 5000 artifacts within these 7 galleries. The 200meterlong building with 90 arches gives one the feeling of endless hallway. The central dome is gold plated with 24 k gold sheet from the outside and has Arabic calligraphy inscribed on it. The inside of the dome has a zodiac mural that is fascinating to look at. The museum has Islamic artifacts from across the globe that shine light into the contributions of the Islamic civilization to scientific innovations and technologies along with artifacts of faith throughout the history of mankind. Visit the Sharjah museum of Islamic civilization and learn more about the Islamic civilization and it impact on humankind.

Important Information

• kindly dress respectfully
• Timing Saturday – Thursday 08:00AM-08:00PM
Friday 04:00PM-08:00PM


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