The Green Planet Dubai


Transport yourself to an exotic tropical rainforest with the Green planet Dubai Tickets from Sougat tours. Green planet Dubai is an indoor exotic tropical rainforest in Dubai. This expansive tropical forest at city walk spans over 60000sq feet and houses more than 3000 species of exotic flora and fauna ranging from macaw and porcupines to snakes and lizards. The Green Planets also holds a scintillating water fall that fill the air with cool mist. The Green Planet is planned with a huge kapoot style artificial tree in the center with four levels – the flooded rainforest, forest floor, mid story and the canopy. You can explore these level by an elevator or spiral staircase that goes around the tree and proved an unparalleled view of the tree and its levels. Do not forget to take the suspended rope bridge which leads to a tree house and gives a stunning over view of the whole tree and its levels.


• Entry tickets to the Green planet Dubai
• Round trip transfer to hotel/residence (if selected)

What to expect

Get ready to experience the spectacular lush green exotic tropical rainforest that houe3000 species of exotic flora and fauna and the cool ambience with the Green Planet ticket by Sougat tours. The Green planet ha a cylindrical shape with an external origami modeled structure which houses support spaces required for the living environment of the green planet. Enterer the Green Planet through the ground floor named the flooded rainforest with a huge aquarium that has many exotic fish like Arapina, Arowand almost 1000 Piranhas and stingray. After taking in the aquarium take an elevator to the top most level of the Green Planet. At canopy you can get the stunning over view of the giant tree and all it levels. Explore canopy to find exotic birds like the macaw and many more. The canopy also include a bat cave which houses “seba ‘bats who very friendly and feeds on fruits. There will be an artificial thunderbolt show complete with thunder and lightning show. Take the spiral stair or the lift down to the mid story level where you can find monkeys lizard, amphibians and reptiles. Explore the floor and discover snakes and a variety of frogs among others. Here at Green plant also get a chance to hold snakes with the help of instructors. One of the many highlights of Green planet is the Piranha feeding. Watch as the piranhas devour aggressively with their razor sharp teeth. At last check out “the creatures of night “exhibition where the day and night cycles are controlled by the Green Planet and you can see nocturnal creatures awake and active.
Take yourself and your family to the Green planet to witness the spectacular rainforest and learn about the importance of rainforest in the balance of our ecosystem.

Important Information

• Children must always be accompanied by adult
• Smoking is prohibited
• For the health and safety of the animals kindly do not touch, feed or harass them
• No flash photography allowed
• Timing 10:00AM-06:00PM (everyday)
• Last entry at 05:00PM


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