The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi




• Entry tickets to the national aquarium
• Access to all 10zone
• Round the trip transfer to hotels/residence (if selected)

What to expect

The national aquarium Abu Dhabi located in Abu Dhabi is the largest aquarium in the Middle East. The national aquarium houses more than 46000 marine life and animals of more than 300 species. The national aquarium strives to protect and preserve engendered and rescued marine life. The national aquarium is one of the newest addition to Abu Dhabi’s upcoming most iconic tourist destination. The national aquarium opened its doors to the public on 12november 2021 with the hopes to not only entertain the public with its display of 46000 + marine life but also to educate the people about marine life and how the preservation and rehabilitation of marine life is important for our ecosystem. The national aquarium is divided into 10 zone with unique experiences and displays. Zones of the national aquarium are UAE’s national treasures , sunken sea wrecks, Atlantic caves, flooded forest, fiery volcanoes and a frozen ocean along with the display of 300 + species there are also exciting an adventurous activities too. Like the glass bottom dhow tours, personal encounters with sharks and many more.

Important Information

Get ready to explore, discover and learn about more than 46000 marine life and try out interactive an exciting activities at the national aquarium Abu Dhabi. After getting your ticket confirmed get your photo taken at the entrance of which you can buy a copy at the end of your visit at an additional charge. Get in and explore the national aquarium. As you enter the first of 46000 marine life you will encounter are the turtles. Follow the given direction and explore the aquarium displays one by one. There are many unique displays like the fish tank in the form of a vintage car and many more the different zones of the national aquarium are UAE’s national treasures which Is dedicated to the history of Arabian pearl fishing where you get to discover how oysters and pearls are formed along with exploring marine life found in the eastern Arabian peninsula. . At red sea wreck experience the world of shipwreck explorers through display of marine life found in Arabian red sea. Ring of fire named after the longest chain of volcanoes in the world will teach you how something as distractive as volcanoes can also nurture the life around it by exploring the marine life surrounding the ring of fire. Frozen ocean introduces you to the birds and animals that thrive in the icy temperatures like the arctic sea birds. Ocean magic has displays of marine life that has adapted so well to the ever changing ecosystem of ocean that it looks magical. Atlantic caves takes us into the large caves of Atlantic caves where marine lives thrive away from the eyes of its predators. Flooded forests pays a homage to the rainforest showcasing canopies, tropical birds and many more mysteries. These are only some of the zones at the national aquarium. Visit the national aquarium all the zones and discover 46000 + marine life of the aquarium.


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