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Adventure & Action pack Tours

View of Dubai's skyline from a helicopter during our 12-minute tour, flying over the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and other iconic landmarks through booking our helicopter ride dubai
As per option selected
IMG World of Adventure indoor theme park entrance
8 Hours (Approx)
Sky Views Edge Walk Dubai at Address Sky View Observatory: Adrenaline-pumped walk outside with safety harness, 360-degree panoramic view of Dubai's skyline, glass bridge, patient instructor, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, 52nd level, 22m above ground level.
20 Minutes (Approx)
Alt text for the image of Jet Car Ride over the Gulf Ocean could be "A high-speed jet car flying over the calm blue waters of the Gulf Ocean, with a clear blue sky and sandy coastline in the background.
As per option selected
Scuba divers exploring the vibrant coral reef and marine life during a tour in Dubai
3 Hours (Approx)
Dubai Beach - 30 / 60 mins
30 Minutes (Approx)
Person enjoying fly boarding experience in Dubai with Sougat Tours
20 / 30 Minutes (Approx)
A couple enjoying a scenic boat ride in Dubai, with the city skyline in the background and the blue water of the Arabian Gulf in the foreground."
90 Mins (Approx)
A person hovering over the water on a flyboard with the skyline of Dubai in the background. The flyboard is attached to a watercraft, and the rider is wearing a lifejacket and helmet. Blue water and sunny skies complete the picture.
20 Minutes (Approx)
Green Planet Dubai interior with tropical trees, hanging vines, and colorful birds.
8 Hours (Approx)
Person ziplining over the Dubai Marina with skyscrapers in the background.
20 / 30 Minutes (Approx)
Image of Museum of Illusions exhibit featuring a room with slanted walls and objects appearing to defy gravity.
1 Hour (Approx)