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Privacy Policy

Sougat Travel and Tourism respects our valued customers’s privacy and does not collect any information other than that required to make a booking with us. As a result, we aim to protect our customers’s privacy rights in connection with their interactions with our website. Our commitment as it relates to the use of your information is detailed below.

1. Personal Information Collection

We primarily gather your information when you contact us to ask about our products and services or make a reservation with us. This often contains your name, contact information, email address, physical address, credit card or payment information, travel requirements, and referral source. By submitting information, you grant Sougat Tours permission to use that information to process orders in an accurate and timely way.

2. Information Utilization

Sougat Tours will use any personal information obtained from a client through this website to process his or her booking, verify credit card details, and provide relevant information related to the client’s travel or any other subsidiary services he or she wishes to use. This information will also be utilized for audits, research, and activities aimed at improving our website’s performance.

3. Your Information’s Privacy

All information provided by our customers during online booking, such as their name, address, email address, and credit card details, is considered private and will not be disclosed or sold to anyone, with the exception of certain suppliers or third parties whose involvement in the loop is critical for the successful processing of your order. However, before providing your information, we ensure that these third
parties follow our privacy policies and strong security procedures.

4. Information Disclosure Under the Law

We may share your information if we believe it is necessary to defend our company’s rights or to comply with a court order or legal procedure.

5. Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Sougat Tours collects data from its website on a regular basis, using patterns gleaned from web logs and third-party service providers. However, this data is largely used to assess the effectiveness of our website’s content and services.

6. Opt-Out Clause

Visitors to our website can 'opt-out' of having their personal information used for specific purposes. For example, if you do not want to receive marketing material in the form of a newsletter or promotional emails, you can request that we do not send advertising information from Sougat Tours or our associate websites.

7. Contests and polls

Sougat Tours holds competitions, giveaways, and surveys on a regular basis. Some contents are arranged in partnership with a third party sponsor, and visitors to our websites will be notified about the involvement of a specific third party and their degree of utilizing your personal information at the time of the contest. Because participation in these contests is entirely voluntary, it is entirely up to you whether or not to participate and share your personal information.

8. Transaction Security

To ensure data accuracy and to prevent unauthorized access to our client’s personal information, we ensure that all transactions take place on our secure server.
Furthermore, we employ technical safeguards such as encryption, socket layers, and firewalls to protect critical information such as credit card numbers.

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