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La Perle by Dragone Silver


Is theater shows what makes your heart beat faster? Then do not miss the le Perle Dragone Dubai experience by Franco Dragone. He is celebrated, innovative Belgian theater director who creates shows that could not even imagine in dreams. Le Perle Dragone Dubai like the name suggests is indeed a pearl with its 10 story building. It took Dragone almost four to five year to complete this show. Dragon’s shows rewrote the Way Theater was perceived with his innovative and vibrant storytelling method. Le Perle Dragone has never before seen stunts and actions integrated into its story telling process that will eve the audience in awe.it has waterfalls, fire , acrobats and aquatic performances. The 90 min show at le Perle Dragone will be a spectacular feast for every one present. Dragone has successfully capture the true spirit of Arabian land and integrated it into the show which gives the show a fantastic twist. Le Perle is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats throughout the show and leave you wanting for more.


• Le Perle Dragone entry ticket
• Enjoy a new era of entertainment with the aquatic theater show
• Round trip transfer to hotel/residence (if selected)

What to expect

in a city where everything is over the board thrilling , unique and exciting the theater experience is also a spectacular feast at le Perle Dragone. so come aboard Dubai’s no 1 theatre show with incredible stunts, immersive storytelling and magical special effect.in le Perle Dragone get a chance to witness the world’s first suspended metal globe in which motorcyclists perform death defying stun6ts.the story telling technique of Dragone integrates acrobatics, aquatic performances, motorcycle stunts, deep water dives and much more which makes the show unique and spectacular. the 10 story building can hold up to 27 million liters of water which can all be drained under a min. there Is a 11 meter deep pool in the center of the theater used for aquatic performances in the show and waterfalls and fountains too.at first the center stage will look like any other stage but as the show tarts and proceed watch how the stage transforms to an aquatic stage within minutes. The extraordinary cast of the show include 60 + performers from around the world including an “Americas got talent “winner of 2014. Visit le Perle Dragone Dubai and get a chance to see a spectacular live theater show with 60 + fantastic cast performing stunts, acrobatics, aquatic performance, balancing and much more along with waterfalls and special effects that will take you to a surreal world.

Important Information

• Carry a valid photo ID/passport to be displayed at the entrance
• Seat selection while booking is subject to availability
• Dress code of lee Perle Dragone Dubai – smart casual
• Le Perle Dragone Dubai will be closed on Sundays and Mondays
• Timing Tuesday to Friday 07:00PM and 09:30PM
Saturday 04:00 and 07:00PM

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Cancelation policy
• Any cancelation after booking is non refundable
Child policy
• Children below 2 years are notallowed
• Full rate applicable for children above 2years.

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2-18 Yrs

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